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People in the World – Video Competition Vol.2
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  In July, 2019, “” started as a new media platform reporting news from different countries in the world with unique and local perspectives.

  This website brings to the readers world news in various forms, including the scenes in the eyes of the locals, the local values that people cherish and uphold, as well as the local voices and opinions. Through these reports, this media wishes to make a difference in creating a better world where people understand diverse values and accept each other with mutual respect

  In this consequence, held the first video competition entitled “People in the World – Video Competition Vol.1” last year. (see (web address) to view award winning videos and official selection videos from the competition Vol.1)

  In 2020 again, has decided to organize another video competition and the second competition is now open for entries.

  This competition is designed for videos that illustrate the everyday life of people under socially vulnerable circumstances, including developing countries. It aims to encourage people to look at and understand the world from different angles and levels, as well as to discover, recognize and foster young talents including video news reporters and video creators who wish to get across their ideas and opinions based on the local point of view to the wide range of audience.  

  The steps of judging are as follows;

Panel of Judges for the final round

Mr. Kota Endo(President, Producer, STRIPES,INC. )

Mr. Kenji Sekine(President of UNITED PEOPLE CORPORATION,  Representative of the UNITED FOR PEACE FILM FESTIVAL)

Ms. Naoko Sakuragi (Photographer, Representative of “Cinema Stars for Africa”)

Mr. Masaoki Takeuchi(President, International Development Center of Japan)

Application Guidelines

【Competition Description】

This competition is designed for the videos illustrating the peoples everyday life under socially vulnerable circumstances in the world, including developing countries.

   The videos must be newly produced and completed on or after January 1, 2010.

   The duration of the videos must not exceed 5 minutes.

   Everyone is eligible to enter the competition; including professionals and non-professionals, regardless of age, nationality, race, and educational background.

   (If the voice is in a language other than Japanese, the video must have Japanese or English subtitles.)

   Entries from both individuals and teams are accepted; including project teams, groups, and corporate entities.

   The entrants must have full copyrights to the submitted video; no videos with copyrights owned by a third party, including corporate bodies, will be eligible. The videos must not include any endorsement or offence of a particular religion or thought, or any obscene or defamatory content. Entries that do not comply with the competition entry specifications will be disqualified. (Please check the details in the Competition Rules and Regulations before you submit your entry.)

【Opening and closing dates】

Competition opens end of August, 2020

Competition closes on Monday, January 25, 2021

     *Closing time: 23.59 pm Japan time

  *Please complete your online entry within the above period

【Entry and Submission the Video Steps】

STEP1 : Entry and Submission

   The entry must be duly submitted via online.  The Entry Form can be downloaded from the official website. Fill in the information required in the form and submit it online. The entrants must agree on the Competition Rules and Regulations in order to submit the entry. Please read carefully the Competition Rules and Regulations posted on the official website.

 The video should be uploaded to a YouTube account. (Make sure to set the privacy setting as “unlisted videos”.) Don’t forget to fill in the URL of the YouTube video in the form as well.  If a password is set, send the pass word too. The video can be in any genre, including live-action,animation, CG or combination of the above.

   ※You must read the “Terms of Service” of YouTube in full and give consent to all terms before posting your video to You Tube.

STEP 2: Confirmation

   When the online entry and video submission are successfully completed, an automated entry confirmation message will be sent to the entrants’ registered email address.

  *Please note that the 10 finalist videos selected in the first round as “official selection videos” will be released on website after the final selection round is completed.


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